Round 3 of Ray Sutton had us facing off against West Torrens at Henley High where we lost the toss but were put into bat. Tight bowling from the Torrens lads made runs difficult to find, but everyone chipped in for a bit of a score. Aaron Thompson was top scorer with 17, followed closely by his opening partner Bailey Doe on 14. Christian Kourlas continues to impress and chalked up 14 critical runs to help the team limp along to 90 runs in total.  Defending 90 was going to be tough, but being tough is what these lads thrive in – bowling them out for 81 in the 37th over. Will Young snagged 3 wickets, whilst the others were shared between Will Torode, Josh Beckham, Carl Arnold and Christian Kourlas. Torode, Charlie Fox, Arnold and Kourlas all added to their impressive work by contributing to wickets in the field. Top notch effort by this talented group of cricketers.


The Under 14 Whites won on forfeit against Port Adelaide.

Under 14 Reds were at home for the first time this season and got a game underway. Port won the toss and chose to put us into bat. I’m sure it didn’t take them too long to realise that wasn’t the best decision as they were blasted all over the park by our batters. Reggie Els smashed 48 off 28 balls and Aaron Thompson chimed in with 51 off 36. Not to be outdone, Master Blaster Broadie Clark had a day out, his prowess with the bat mimicked the original Master Blaster with stroke play all over the ground. Broadie was simply unbeatable with 101 runs off a mere 58 balls. 3/263 after 28 overs was enough to declare and have a crack at bowling them out for an outright victory. We got 32 overs at them and at the end of week 1 they were 7 down with only 30 runs in the book. Week 2 rolled around and only a handful of opposition players rocked up leaving the umpires no choice but to declare a forfeit.

The under 16 whites travelled out to Port Adelaide and played on Eric Sutton Oval for a game that actually went the distance. Assuming we could roll them early, we won the toss and bowled at them. Keeping them to a total of 93 was a good start for our bowlers. Somehow our keeper (who is also captain) convinced everyone that the name Lord should appear in the bowling column of the scorebook. Bailey claimed 3 wickets and now considers himself as a batting/keeping/bowling allrounder captaining genius. Thomas Maloney jagged 2 wickets himself and Matty Adams, Paddy Taylor and Oscar Steene all got 1 each. Henry Beenham must have had some ‘grippo’ leftover from footy season as he got 3 in the mits during the game. Chasing 93 was well within reach and Ash Medhurst (46) and Rory O’Callaghan (49) did it on their own but Paddy Taylor decided to give the Port boys a batting lesson. The lesson consisted of 107 masterful runs, including 10 boundaries. We declared at 3/227 and went for an outright victory. 37 overs later and only another 107 on the board we had our outright win and claimed the maximum points. Thomas Maloney was in top form with the ball and claimed 3, Matty Adams and Oscar Steene grabbed 2 each and Bailey Lord managed to convince everyone again he was a bowler and got 1. Top notch win for maximum points for the lads.

Under 16 reds got a game at their home deck of AA Bailey where the same thought process of the U16 whites was in motion. We won the toss and put Port into bat. 3 of their batters dug in and proved resilient but we managed to have them packing up their batting kits after 52 overs and 118 runs later. Ollie Styles was lethal with the leather and got his first 5 “fa” for the season. Dozer must have got some tips from Bailey Lord, because somehow he has managed to convince the team that he can bowl and was given the opportunity. The cricketing gods must have been laughing so hard that they actually allowed him to grab 3 wickets – now he claims to be an all-rounder too. Sammy Homburg rounded out the bowling figures with 1 for himself. We got a few overs to bat, but didn’t damage them week 1, that was saved for week 2. We needed a smash and crash effort week 2, and enter Harry Morbinator Morbey. With Morbinator and Goodwin at the helm we piled on the runs and got the 1st innings points after 45 overs. This gave us 35 overs to bowl them out again – which we did, this time for only 76 runs. A 3 wicket haul was claimed by Jack Willis. Homburg, Goodwin and Billings each got 2 each and Will Davies got his first wicket for the club. With no chance to chase the runs we settled for fist innings win, leaving these guys undefeated.

10/11/2017 Max Parker Club News, Juniors